5:47 AM

Hello All...

This blog is exclusively for Developers and beginners who want to try out their hand with, and perform wonders.

So, do you think what's special in this blog when you can find all the information in PDF's released by Salesforce????

Well, the answer is this blog is for people who hate to read a 200+ page document (like me -:) ) which guides you in snail's pace. This blog is for the fast and the furious who love to dive deep into salesforce and explore the limits.

Great going ahead!!!!!!!!!



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  2. How often do you go online? I mean, how often do you read or answer the comments on your blog?

  3. Hmm.. It depends.. Whenever i get time to spare.. But i visit my blog daily..

  4. hello
    i am beginner in salesforce.
    i just start to read your blog
    i hope it will be helpful to me.