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5:37 AM

Everytime i need to install a administrative tool or if i need tutorials or references, i found that i spend a considerable amount of time in locating them... As a result, this article came to my mind..

Here, you will find links to some of the administrative tools in as well as less-known good resources..

This list would be updated as and when i find new resources.. So, make sure you bookmark this page :-)

Salesforce objects, fields and their usage - Complete description

This is the official WebServices Developer's guide but has enough information that you would want to know about Salesforce objects, how to use them etc through the API. Click here

Excel Connector for

Sforce Connector - Click here

Office toolkit 3.0 - Click here

Please note that Office toolkit 4.0 is installed automatically when you install the Outlook connector for Salesforce....

Apex Explorer

Installation guide and notes - Click here

Installation file - Click here to download

Apex Data Loader

Installation guide and notes - Click here

Running the Apex Data Loader from the command prompt: Click here
Running the Apex Data Loader from the command prompt (Simplified) : Click here

SFDC Web to anything -

You might have heard about web to Case, web to anything lets you to create records in any object through a web form..

You can find the code, screenshots and description here - Click here

iGoogle like Salesforce Home Page (iSalesforce)

The project source and a demonstration are hosted here. Click here

Tutorials and guides -

The official guide's and tutorial's page - Click here

Discussion forums -

The official community forums - Click here