Spring '10 - Some features you really need to check out

6:51 AM

Spring'10 release is just around the corner and here are some features that i found really cool !!

Authenticated Sites:

The only way of authenticating a site was by using Portal licenses or by writing your own custom logic to validate logins (I personally felt this was a major drawback). But now, with Spring'10 you have a special user type called "Authenticated Web Site User" with which you can authenticate your site users. So, no more purchasing licenses and i believe this feature is free.

Code Scheduler:

Your Apex Code can now be scheduled to run automatically at regular intrevals. This feature is similar to Cronkit(Appexchange), only difference is that it now comes in-buil in with no package installations.

Cool User Icon:

I found this new Image for User pretty cool!! :-)

Read the entire official release preview guide here - Click here


  1. dont forget the excellent UI changes. I will try getting the snapshot tomorrow, the new UI is simply WOW!!!

  2. Authenticated website user is not a free feature. It leverages the existing portal integration. Provides custom object access and it's cheaper than standard portal licenses.

  3. That's disappointing. I thought it would be free, anyhow it's cheap