Incident and Timesheet Management for Salesforce

3:42 PM

I have put together a small application which helps log tickets, and track them. This application was specifically designed keeping in mind the way tickets/incidents are handled in a typical IT Service Desk.

This tool also has a timesheet feature, which logs the amount of work spent by each employee on each ticket.

Watch a working Demo of the tool here....@ forcetreedemos

Timesheet Management - Click here

Incident Management - Click here

Below are some of the screenshots from this tool. You can install the package from here.

To install to Production/Developer instance :

To install to your Sandbox:



  1. Has anyone played around with this app?? Do share your thoughts and feedback

  2. Nice work.I have a company where I need to track my employees work efficiency I have read about this before and I tried to implement this software but as only few had android mobiles with them I could not do that effectively and timesheets came to my rescue and now I feel very easy to track my employees efficiency.

  3. How do you create incidents from this?

  4. Hello ,

    I ve installed the package of Incident & Time Management.

    When i m giving sample values, it takes & saves in respective object.But after saving same old values are populating on VF Page. not ready to take the another values.

  5. How do you create incidents from this?