Pointing your Blackberry Smartphone / Simulator to the Sandbox

3:59 PM

I have done this before and ran into the same problem again recently. Before I forget this again, let me write it down just in case there are people who think like me.

So, it was just one letter which cost me 1 to 2 hours of research.

To point your Blackberry Device or your Blackberry Simulator to the Sandbox, you will have to do the steps as outlined in this article by Salesforce. Click here

I did exactly (rather not), what was told there and i couldn't point by Blackberry to the Sandbox. After two hours i found out what was wrong.

I typed in, Izsand (ie, a Capital I ( a I as in Ice) and then zsand).

It should have been lzsand (ie, a small l as in lazy and then zsand).

Probably I should go back and learn alphabets properly. 


  1. No shame there, this happens even to the best of us. Not a lot of font styles are accommodating to this common mistake.