General Query Utility - using Dynamic SOQL

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This sample code covers a general query utility which can be used to query any object.

This is the general class which runs the query. Comments are embedded inline for understanding the functionality.

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Public class QueryUtility
    // Function to run the query
    Public List<sObject> runQuery(String objname,String[] fieldnames,String condition)
        List<sObject> queryresult;
        String fieldslist = '';
        // Generate the fieldslist from the string array
        if (fieldnames != NULL)
            if(fieldnames.size() > 0)
                for (Integer i=0; i < fieldnames.size(); i++)
                    if( i <= (fieldnames.size() - 2))
                        fieldslist = fieldslist+fieldnames[i]+',';
                        fieldslist = fieldslist+fieldnames[i];    
        // Construct the query string
        String soqlquery = 'Select '+fieldslist+' from '+objname+' '+condition;
        // Run the query
        queryresult = Database.query(soqlquery);
        return queryresult;               

To Call this class:

You can call this class from any other class. Below is a sample code which you can embed into any class or you can execute this from the system log.

// Construct the list of fields
     String[] flist  = new List<String>{'Name','Id'};
// Initialte a new variable of the general utility class
     QueryUtility test = new QueryUtility();
// Call the runquery method to execute the query. Note that the condition has to be passed as an empty string if you do not have any condition
     Account[] qresult = test.runQuery('Account',flist,'');
     system.debug('The query result is'+qresult); 


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