Beware!! The conflicting reviews of Dreamz Infra Pvt Ltd

5:13 PM

This article is out of the blue and not related to the technical stuff i usually write about. I am writing this hoping that it might help someone make a informed decision.

A real estate company in Bangalore, Dreamz Infra Pvt Ltd ( promises to sell apartment homes for very cheap prizes. If you are considering buying an apartment from them, I would suggest you ponder over these points before you make a decision. I hope that this post will attract honest reviews from those who purchased/tried to purchase with the company.

The prices of the apartment are unbelievably cheap. Compare with the market rates and you will notice that there is a sharp difference.

There is an unbelievable large number of positive reviews for Dreamz Infra. There are even blogs created by employees of Dreamz Infra like this one.

Note that all comments are positive reviews.

Now, the contrasting part is that their Facebook page ( is nothing but filled with negative reviews. Note that customer support hasn't responded to any negative review, whereas positive reviews are liked or commented at.

I used to see what content they had on their website historically. I was surprised to see that the projects listed in 2012 in Electronics city are neither seen in the completed list nor do they show up in the current projects list.

Dreamz Infra projects today in Electronics city