Lightning Datatable component with client side search

1:18 PM

In this article we will look at implementing a simple lightning component that displays a list of contacts in a table. We will add a simple client side search box which searches all columns in the table.

Demo Link:


  1. How do one implement the same functionality in LWC? esp the .js component file.

  2. Hi, The blog is really useful. Thanks

    How can I preserve the checkbox state during and after the search.

    Example: say, I have selected 4 records on the page and type something in searchbox and exit the search, the selected boxes will disappear..

  3. Hi, for the apex class, how do we create the test class to get more 75% coverage?

  4. This helped me a tremendous amount. Thank you thank you

  5. Hi thanks for the code it works fine and it helped me a lot but when you backspace it does not filter backwards can you suggest code for that