Custom Lookup Component in LWC

9:51 PM

Below is a reusable custom lookup component. The standard lookup component usage is advised, but if you need to bypass the current user's sharing and security or you need more flexibility then use this custom approach. This code is adapted from the above reference.


Create the Apex Class Lookup, and the LWC component customLookup


Implement the customLookup component created above, as shown in the example below.


  1. If I remove limits if displaying records then it shows multiple records in the result which is fine but it dropdown gets disappear due to which I can not scroll all the records which is available in the list. Could you please help?

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  3. the SalesForce application, be automatically logged into the LMS, and presented with its starting page. Of course, you need to consider user password security here. And this again depends on the LMS. It may use a generic password for all users connecting through a single-sign-on procedure, or an MD5 hash (or similar encryption technique) of previously agreed data, which could be verified against each user's specific LMS data for authentication. Salesforce training in Chennai

  4. Thanks for the working solution!