How to embed Chatter in a Visualforce page or as a sidebar component?

3:44 PM

This Winter 11, there is a new chatter component which allows you to embed chatter feeds in a Visualforce page.

Here is the official release notes and further details. Click here

Here is a sample visualforce page using this component. This page displays the feeds for the current logged in user.

<apex:page >
  <chatter:feed entityId="{!$User.Id}"/>

Note that the "entityID" attribute determines the feeds to be displayed. This can be a UserId, a custom or standard object record ID provided chatter is enabled for that object.

You may also create a Visualforce page with this component, and then create a home page sidebar component and embed the Visualforce page in the sidebar component.


  1. Thanks Edwin for such an informative post,,
    taking a clue from your post I have implemented in a visualforce page successfully

    Requesting, you help in minor customization,,, I need to redirect the links visible on the Chatter:newsfeed (after the "Share" button, on records/ user's name who has posted) to custom visualforce pages

    Please help