Chatter Apps that you will love!!

4:27 PM

A few weeks back i was looking around the appexchange to find some cool chatter apps, and i found these two which were awesome.

ChatterBot Auto response:


This app acts as a bot and responds to chatter posts based upon keyword match. It also has other cool features like automatic case creation from a chatter post. Moreover, the code is written generically. So, it's pretty easy to extend and adapt to specific needs.

Auto Response:

I just set up an auto response rule to point users to a help document link when their chatter post contains "chatter email settings". Here is a snapshot of the rule

And here is a screencap after the BOT in work.

Automatic Case Creation from chatter posts:

If your chatter posts contains the keyword {!case}, the BOT creates a case and gives the case number as a comment to your post. Here's one in action.

Note: I created a user called ChatterBot, and started the Bot jobs as this user. Also, the BOT's work on scheduled intervals (every 1 hour i guess), you can also run it manually on the click of a button.

Chatter Swarm 3:


This app allows setting up rules for automatically following Accounts, Cases Opportunities etc and custom objects too.

Here's a new swarm rule which says that when a Lead is updated or created with a status of "Working - Contacted", then the Lead needs to be automatically followed by two users.

The Swarm in action.

Note that you could set up rules for Lead, Opportunity, Cases and chatter posts.