How to Embed a Standard Salesforce Dashboard into a Visualforce Page

7:08 PM

NOTE: This is not a recommended procedure, please try this only as a last resort. This hack might break at any time with Salesforce's new releases, so please exercise caution.

We know it is possible to embed a Visualforce page into a Dashboard, but how about the reverse?

Sometimes, we might need to embed the standard Salesforce Dashboards into a Visualforce Page. Here is something i found out that was interesting and simple.

Here is what we are going to do. This is a standard dashboard.

We extract the dashboard and embed it into a Visualforce page like this...

Instead of explaining this, it's better to watch how to do it. Hence, i made a video of the procedure. Click here to watch it.


  1. This is nice, but are you sure that the result is dynamic ? When the data changes, does the gauge increase ?

    1. yes, the gauge refreshes when the underlying dashboard is refreshed

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  6. urgent

    ty it works well
    the gauge refreshes only when the underlying dahboard is refreshed.

    wen i add this vf page in the page layout wud not show me the updated results ,unless i go to the dashboard n refresh it ....
    suppose if i forget to go to dashboard to refresh it evertym , it wud cz a problm i think ..

    any othr way out in this ...

  7. Hi I want to pass the record ID in this dashboard. How I can do that?