Integrate SAP with Salesforce CRM & using Informatica

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Integrate SAP with Salesforce CRM & using Informatica

Moving data between applications and keeping them synchronized has historically been extremely difficult and time consuming. With Informatica Cloud, it's never been easier to integrate SAP with your growing list of software as a service (SaaS) applications such as Salesforce CRM. For example, customers can quickly synchronize accounts and contacts, process new orders, or export and massage data for integrated reporting and analysis without having to write custom code. With a business user interface designed to simplify complex tasks and the ability to easily automate and schedule data synchronization and replication tasks, Informatica Cloud will help you take back your weekends and get more from your business application investments.

No Custom Coding and Rapid Deployment

Informatica Cloud is a multitenant data integration service specifically designed for self-service data integration, with hybrid deployment options that ensure IT governance and control. With Informatica Cloud, SAP integration with requires no custom coding. A wizard-based interface allows users to create, schedule, and manage tasks on the web, and more complex workflows can be developed and shared as a service so you can synchronize with customer, product, order, and other master data from SAP, as well as other enterprise applications.

Informatica Cloud SAP Benefits:

  • Extend the market-leading Informatica Platform to the cloud with the #1 data integration solution for customers.
  • Eliminate re-entry of data in multiple applications.
  • Gain real-time visibility into customer, product and pricing master data within your applications.
  • Drive IT / business alignment and collaboration with unified, hybrid cloud data integration.

Informatica Cloud SAP Features:

  • Self-service cloud-based integration and powerful on- premise deployment options.
  • IDOC and BAPI integration supported in the cloud.
  • ABAP, DMI, BCI, Web Services and SAP BI integration via the platform.
  • Informatica Cloud prebuilt connection for SAP provides simple set up and configuration.
  • Automated scheduling means 'set and forget' operation.
  • The perfect combination of self-service business user interface and powerful IT developer tools.
  • Web-based set up and administration – access from anywhere.
  • Simple 6 step wizard - point and click set up for your source, target, mapping and scheduling.
  • Professional Services quick start available.


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