Prevent Duplicates in Salesforce - The Smart and Easy way using Unique Entry from RingLead

9:25 PM

Note: This is a sponsored article from RingLead

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The Need:

Information is reliable and effective only when it is accurate. Organizations strive to maintain the quality of information as clean and updated as possible. Clean data leads to better insights which means better planning and better business.

RingLead offers a great product Unique Entry, which helps you prevent duplicates in Salesforce. It's easy to install and get started in just a few minutes.


What's great about Unique Entry?

Traditionally duplicates are prevented in Salesforce using Validation rules, Apex Triggers or custom Visualforce Pages. In such cases, the system prevents duplicates only after the user tries to Save the record, which is a lot frustrating after taking the time and effort to enter all the information.

Unique Entry acts smart and detects duplicates as and when you start entering information into a new record. Unique Entry alerts the user of possible duplicates found, and displays the duplicate records it identified. This saves time and effort particularly when your organization deals with huge amounts of data.

How Does it work?

I created a new Account 'A&A Associates'.

Now, i try to create a new Account with the same information as 'A&A Associates'.

As you could see, Unique Entry has detected the original account created earlier after i entered the 'Account Number' and 'Account Site'. It also displays prominent information about the original record, and the user could choose to edit it instead.

How to SetUp Unique Entry:

Unique Entry is easy to setup, with just a few clicks. First, install the package from the app exchange by Clicking here.

Unique Entry is a native app, installs quickly and easily.

Override the new button of Account, Contact or Leads with the corresponding Visualforce Pages as shown below. The screenshot below shows overriding the 'New' button for Accounts. That's it and you are ready to start preventing duplicates.

The Visualforce pages provided with the package mimic your Custom Page Layouts, and they still honor your record type and profile mappings.